'Flawless & Fantastic'
The professional, silicone based airbrush make-up designed for everyday use for flawless results.
Airbase combines a unique mix of ingredients with silicone as the base of it's formulation. Feeling beautiful and luxurious on the skin, the silicone chosen does not clog your pores, allowing your skin to breathe. It is this that helps give Airbase Make-Up unrivalled durability lasting all day.
When sprayed using an airbrush it atomises the product making the particles of make-up tiny. This is why airbrush make-up is used in HD TV and film.


American Crew

American Crew leads the way in men’s grooming. With a passionate commitment to men’s grooming, their purpose is to bring men a great new experience and provide them with innovative ways of incorporating style into their everyday lives. American Crew recognises the number of men that are concerned with their appearance and who want to look their very best. They have a diverse product range to suit all hair types and we've found some of our female clients think their products are great too!!


Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Enhancement

Bio Sculpture Gel is applied as an overlay onto natural nail by one of our qualified nail technicians. The permanent colour gel is strong and flexible, with a glossy finish, lasting for up to three weeks. This nail system is an advanced treatment that strengthens and conditions nails. The flexible coating moves with the nails, protecting them, whilst allowing them to grow without breaking.

This nail system offers an ability to extend the natural nail with a tip or enhance your own natural nail length, you have the choice to suit an individual prefrance with this fantastic product.

Bio Sculpture is also the first company in its class to have undergone a stringent independent Clinical Research Trial and received a 5 Star safety rating.



With state of the art design, and incorporating the latest advancements in electronics, CACI International treatment systems are the leaders of aesthetic treatment technology.
Micro-current stimulation delivers tiny electrical impulses that mirror the body’s own natural bio electrical field. In most cases, treatment is relaxing with ultimate results.
Microcurrent in aesthetics is commonly described as “facial toning or non surgical face lifting” due to the dramatic lifting effect that micro-current has on facial muscles and facial contours.


Chromogenex Hair Removal

28 years of laser innovation..Phaser-EPL is the result of more than 20 years experience in the medical laser industry and a fresh innovation from Chromogenex Technologies Ltd; the inventors and patent holder for laser hair removal, non ablative wrinkle removal and home of the Regenlite advanced pulsed dye laser.



Dermalogica is far too interested in guiding you to a new level of skin health fitness than being a pretty,pampering & luxurious product! But you can always be sure that after 25 years of being around skin experts have spent their time on delivering your skin the high-performance formulas it needs. Plus, they'll never use common "beauty" ingredients like Mineral Oil, Lanolin, artificial colors and fragrances or other cheap fillers. Instead, using ingredients that they know will work.
Armed with Dermalogica"s unique Face Mapping® skin analysis, your Dermalogica professional skin therapist will decode your skin – zone by zone – and equip you with the real advice and results-driven regimen only available from a trained professional.


DS Laboratories

DS Laboratories, is the worlds most effective topical hair loss and thickening treatment that works on the entire scalp. Resolve hair loss and promote re-growth with DS Laboratories specialist Anti-Hair Loss range. DS Laboratories Revita EPS Eyelash Growth Stimulator helps you achieve long, luxurious eyelashes from a breakthrough peptide complex.



The ORLY GELFX gel manicure system is incredibly durable and chip-free. A manicure that last for two weeks with superior shine and easy removal. A superior selection of colours, ranging from sophisticated neutrals to glittering metallics to vibrant shades of grey, purple and black.

Our Primer and Basecoat are power-packed with a vitamin infusion. This revolutionary formula nourishes nails with feel-good ingredients for durability, strength and shine. Antioxidant vitamins A and E help to promote healthy nails while pro-vitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail.

The result? Lasting protection and incredible shine.

CUCCIO is taking the nail industry by storm and we are finding many people switching over to Veneer because of the following benefits:

100% polish free formula – therefore, no evaporation, thickening, hardening or yellowing
Triple colour pigmentation – which means true colour coverage in just 2 thin coats
Colours can be mixed to customise shades for your client
LED / UV formula
Veneer micro-shatter resistant technology – armour coated flawless wear
Reflective Mirror shine finish for the entire length of wear
Extended wear – product will stay on the nail until you want to remove it


Jane Iredale 'The Skin Care Makeup'

The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. Jane Iredale makeup is not just a refinement of conventional makeup; it's a new technology. It's so effective it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals.

Non-Comedogenic & Oil-Free, it is also non-comedogenic (doesn't block pores).
Mineral particles form a protective barrier on the skin that allows it to breathe and function normally. This protective barrier also traps environmental pollutants.

Fantastic Benefits:
*Fast, Weightless Coverage
*Concentrated Pigment
*FD&C Dyes (FDA approved)
*Minimum Allergy Risk
*Excellent Adherence to the skin


Label M

label.m formulations are where art collides with science. Created in salon, rather than in a laboratory, the dynamic, award-winning collection combines naturally sourced ingredients, essential oils with exclusive label.m technologies.

Launched in 2005 with 15 distinctive products, the current label.m collection incorporates over 75 products categorised into a simple 4C system: Cleanse, Condition, Create and Complete. The official haircare product of the London Fashion Week - is an award-winning fashion-inspired range developed by professional stylists.


Macadamia haircare

With its unique qualities, Macadamia Natural Oil is an exclusive blend of macadamia & argan oil, giving you results so wonderful it could only come from nature. With this extensive hair care and styling range dry, damaged hair is a thing of the past.



Minx extends fashion to your fingertips,’ and in just a few years we’ve seen Minx become a fashion necessity.
Using a solid nail colour in an array of colours & designs.
Minx has become the luxury nail fashion of choice in over 40 countries, extending fashion to your fingertips (and toe tips!) everywhere.


semi-permanent eyelash extensions

Our semi permanent lashes are a state-of-the-art.
A semi-permanent eyelash extension treatment for customers who want to lengthen, thicken and define their eyes.

What do I need to know as a first-time eye lash extension customer?

When you call JARAH to book your first semi-permanent eyelash extension appointment, we will recommend that you visit us before your appointment for an individual consultation with our lash technician and for a patch test with the lash glue and eyelash tint.
Based on the colouring and thickness of your natural lashes, and what you tell us about what sort of look you are trying to achieve, we can advise you which option to go for, in terms of how long it will take and how much it will cost.
Please come make-up free to your appointment, you can apply make-up (no mascara) after the lashes have been applied.
We also recommend that for 24 hours before your appointment, you do not use any creams or oils around the eye area. There after the treatment we advise that oils and moisturisers may cause damage to the bond between eyelashes and the adhesive, therefore making the lash extensions fall out prematurely, so please use oil-free products around the eye area only.


St Tropez Tanning

With a client list of celebrities and Beauty Editors, to thousands of customers seeking a natural looking tan every year, it’s no wonder St.Tropez is the go-to brand for thousands of Salons, Spas and Therapists seeking The Ultimate Tan. Internationally renowned with global press acclaim, they've been at the top of innovation for nearly 20 years and are still today the UK’s No.1 Tanning Brand*.
A St.Tropez treatment is available in both a Spray or Lotion application for professional results, every time.
The multi-award winning retail range promises:
A natural looking tan to suit every skin tone.
Streak-free & easy-to-apply formulations.
100% Natural Tanning Agent.
Aromaguard™ Fragrance Technology, which virtually eliminates the self tan aroma.